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Cynthia W., a veteran VIP online casino player, made $25 turn into $20,000 when she hit a Royal Flush playing at the famous Double Double Jackpot online casinos video poker game. At first she was surprised, and then absolutely thrilled when she hit poker’s highest hand. This was definitely a great online casinos experience for Cynthia!

‘I will admit, it took me surprise when I hit the Royal Flush…It was one of those moments that you almost don’t believe it just happened, but then you realize it’s true. I have played for several years with VIP and have always found the service and people helpful and friendly…Thank you VIP!’ said Cynthia W. of her amazing win. Now that she has the money, Cynthia is thinking up several ways of spending it and treating herself to some pampering and enjoyment, all thanks to an online casinos site! Playing at the online casinos has definitely changed Cynthia’s luck around for the better.

Although this is her biggest online casinos win, Cynthia has had other, smaller, wins at VIP online casino. She also receives many rewards and prizes thanks to her membership as a VIPrewards member. This might only be the beginning of a lucky winning streak for this online casinos fan! Who knows? Maybe next time she will hit a $1 million jackpot!

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