Gambling The Gambler Within

Every individual in our culture is an embryonic gambler — either of the controllable or critical variety.

This is perhaps a revealing statement, and one that many would more often deny. Naturally, one could fall short, however, only by mentally absorbing the evidences produced by deductive reasoning, in the first place.

In ascertained personalities, this closed down tendency can be cognizant, so that the possible gambler becomes the actual gambler.

Every logical investigation is unprejudiced, and free from assumed notions on the scientist’s part – whose aim is to describe and explicate clinical facts.

An investigation of some sort may, of course, lead to developments which are inaccurate, or which are rendered senseless or passe’ by succeeding discoveries.

However decisive — these errors in apprehensions are absolutely not the cause of a derivable opinion on the investigator’s part.

Consequently, nobody alleged to infallibility. On the other hand, assertions on gamblers have been influenced neither by fellow feeling nor animosity for the object of this matter.

The pathological gambler appears only a pathologic phenomenon which became the end purpose of unconnected interest during psychiatric-psychoanalytic regimen.

At this point, the cynical reader might protest: ‘Medical sessions for gamblers? Why medicate them in the first place? Anyways, you said that every individual IS a conceivable gambler, so it would be proper to treat us all. This never makes sense, at all.’

This kind of objection lies on a misconception in terminology. Apparently, we must determine, firsthand, that kind of phenomenon himself, the gambler.

The mental stamina of the pathological gambler is nearly fixed on gambling, taking risks and making estimations.

His daydreams and fantasies center around this one idea: the immersion clearly overshadows everything else – hobbies, vocation, even love. He, on the other hand, is the last person enthused; a creature completely unmoved by maturity.

His expectations in ultimate success cannot be swayed by any money loss, however great the deal is. So he did not win today – so what? The next day will be fruitful. He’s lost once more? It doesn’t attest a thing: one day he’s destined to win.

There is nothing more sad than the gambler who has lost his last money and is still strongly convinced that he will definitely win a fortune, if only he is wise in the financial department — to help him through times of untimely loss.

Gamblers, undeniably, come off as people who have just closed a deal with fate – stating that persistence should be rewarded.

With that delusive contract in his pocket, he is beyond the reach of all sound reasoning and argument.

Kersten Graham

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